MMORC 2014 – Sassy Snow Man Dash

The Occasion

Milwaukee Mentor Open Robotics Competition (MMORC) is an event that is organized and run by the students of FRC 1675 (and others if applicable). Unlike typical FIRST events, where students are the ones designing and building the robots, the roles are reversed. In MMORC, the students design the game, for which mentors will build the robots to compete in. This unique event began in 2007 and continues to give the students an opportunity to see behind the scenes and gain an understanding and appreciation for what mentors and volunteers do while also giving the mentors a chance to show what they can do.

The Situation

Oh, no! While the kids had gone to get some snacks, the adults knocked over the snowman they have been working on for two hours! The snowman’s base was unmoved, but the torso and head had rolled off. Lucky for the adults, the torso and head remains intact, just out of place. Even luckier, the adults are a group of highly trained engineers, who were able to construct a robot, capable of putting the snowman back together without completely collapsing the snow on its.. uh… parts. But just as they finish building the robot, hey discover that the kids on on their way home. Can their robots put the snowman back together before the kids get back?


The Mission

Each team will have two minutes, thirty seconds to assemble the pieces of a snowman. Scoring will be based on which alliance has the most complete snowman at the end of the match. Below is a diagram of the playing field. Click here for a complete manual of the game.

Playing Field

The Vicinity

The MMORC Competition will be held on Saturday, December 6th, from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. The event will take place at Bradley Tech High School, located at 700 S. 4th Street.

The Stakes

The registration fee will be $25 for each robot entered into the competition.

The Enrollment

NOTE: If you are not part of a FIRST Team, you are allowed to make up your own team name and number. If you do, please mention it in the extra comments to avoid confusion. Thanks. :)