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The Situation

2013 Milwaukee Mentor Open Robotics Competition (MMORC)
Players are to participate in a robotics competition. However, unlike most other FIRST Robotics competitions, this event is open to anyone. EXCEPT a student from a robotics team. It is encouraged that the players be mentors from existing FIRST Robotics teams. A typical team consists of around 2-3 mentors. The tables have turned, and now the mentors take the role as the person behind the wheels.

The Mission

This year’s game is Duck N’ Cover. Please click here to view the manual.

The Occasion

The 2013 MMORC will be on the twelfth of October (Oct. 12, 2013). The exact time is to be announced.

The Vicinity

The event will take place at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Kern Center Field House. Please go to the third floor of the building. The address is 1245 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI, 52302.

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The Regulations

Below are five download links for a copy of the above manual, a PDF version of the manual, two images, and a SketchUp file.
MMORC Manual 2013 (.doc)
MMORC Manual 2013 (PDF)
Duck N’ Cover Field Side View (.png)
Duck N’ Cover Field Top View (.png)
Duck N’ Cover Field SketchUp File (.skp)

The Enrollment

To participate in this event, a registration fee of $20 for one team must be paid. Please fill out the form below.

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